I Was Born to Write


From short stories written in grade school about wild adventures atop Mt. Kilimanjaro, to poetry in high school that I hand delivered to Bob Dylan and Paul Simon, I was on a mission to write. I wrote letters from a communist country that were never delivered to my family back home and I have compiled journals of musings and things not so amusing for decades. I have written love letters, dear john letters and letters to editors. A career of grant and proposal writing allowed me to make a living doing what I loved for charitable organizations.  And then when I had written my first book, Stories of Old, I thought maybe that unsettled spirit in me that roams the heavens and beyond could finally rest in peace. That was not the case. An opportunity presented itself to me as I celebrated yet another milestone birthday on the cusp of a momentous decade. I was being considered for a position as editor of a weekly column on senior (citizen) living. Nearly three months later, after classes and writing samples and training… my dream lives on.

BellaOnline The Voice of Women, where you can read about everything from A to T  (autos to television and more).  According to the BellaOnline homepage, its mission is to “provide an encouraging, supportive publishing community for women. To provide free training, support and promotion so writers may reach their personal and business goals. Overall, BellaOnline aims to provide high-quality, helpful, trustworthy content, at no cost, in a low advertisement environment for our millions of visitors. ”

Giving credibility to BellaOnline, it is the second largest women’s website on the internet and each month BellaOnline receives more than 20 million views on their website. As writers we are volunteers; there is no paid marketing budget and efforts from BellaOnline benefit charities which include those serving children’s health, cancer research, the environment, literacy, small business micrco-enterprise loans and animals just to name a few.

BellaOnline provides a variety of opportunities for interaction among its readers. From a myriad of forums to contests and interesting products, BellaOnline lets you be the best you can be. Stay in touch with newsletters or book clubs. There is always something new each day on the BellaOnline homepage from features to literary magazines.

Senior Living will link you to my  Senior Living Site. Subscribe, sign up and you will be notified when new articles are posted to the site. If you misplace the link, you can always go to BellaOnline. At the Headings column on the left of the page, click on FAMILY, there you can be directed to Senior Living

And now back to my passion as I write on!


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