Charles in Wonderland

It doesn’t get more romantic than this. A man or woman places a billboard message in Times Square, New York, (oh and in San Francisco and Atlanta) claiming a forever soul mate.  Generally that would signify “Big Love ” and that money is no object in the expression of just how he or she feels for the partner.
That is unless you are the co-president of Oracle Corporation, a member of President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board, married and recently estranged from your eight year extramarital lover.

Charles E. Phillips just might be the man about whom romance novels are written. A prominent, wealthy, corporate executive who has it all, including YaVaughnie Wilkins.

Well apparently not any longer… But people,  if you play with fire, you just may get burned. OBTW, Phillips reports that he and his wife have kissed and made up and rumor mills add that he and his former lover have too.


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