Twenty Eight Days of February #12

Looking for a decorative and functional way to wrap a present? Try the ancient Japanese art, Furoshiki. Dating back to the eighth century, Furoshiki (Furo – bath, shiki – to spread) is a creative approach to gift giving and re-gifting. The art of fabric wrapping or wrapagami, is fun and earth-friendly too! Whether you are wrapping a jewelry box with an antique hanky (18″ to 24″) or a large picnic basket with a blanket or throw (48″ to 52″), the possibilities are endless.

In the photo shown at the left, I have taken a fine bottle of wine, wrapped it with an African linen and “tied” it up with a napkin ring.

May I suggest wrapping that next book in a fabric protective covering? Take ordinary bubble bath or shower gel up a notch and wrap in a soft hand towel! Giving something for that little baby? Consider a colorful, fluffy towel wrapped around that special present. Cookies in a tin? Sweeten it up with a fun kitchen towel. Use a special scarf next time you wrap up a piece of jewelry. My personal favorite is to take a bouquet of flowers wrapped in a bright clothe as a housewarming present.

Fabric stores, thrift shops, hand me downs will all take on new meanings when you consider this artistic approach to wrapping.

Need some help with your next gift wrap? Try –


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