Twenty Eight Days of February #24




I am not retired, nor am I currently facing the challenges of raising kids or  grand-kids.  I am not caring for elderly relatives, a houseful of pets or a yard full of needy plants.

Then why is it that I find myself constantly fighting distractions?

Why is  being disciplined very difficult?  I am not overwhelmed, overactive nor over-committed. As a matter of fact, I have a reasonably balanced life right now. But distraction is the devil of my discipline.

I do enjoy shutting out the world occasionally which can take many forms:  hiding in front of the  television (Modern Family, AI or late night news), being stationary by the computer (blogging, social networking or connecting with friends beyond borders),  or it just may be that book which is a very attractive alternative, luring me… more so than making myself presentable to the world and staying connected to the community.

Projects pile up, excuses are everywhere and distractions knock on my door every day.

But vitality, creativity, connections need to be nurtured. So what’s someone of my personality type to do?


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