Twenty Eight Days of February #25

I am tired of everyone trying to make a statistic out of me. Last year began an uphill battle with statistics. In June 2009 I was laid off. This was a new experience for me that I actually welcomed, until I found myself facing the first frightening stat: unemployment reached double digits and an all time high and I was there to share in the misery with a whole lot of company.

At the end of 2009 I landed a job. With that position I became part statistic number two: with unemployment still hanging high, men and women were returning to the workforce and were underemployed at alarmingly high rates. And, of course, that rang true for me when my job, great that it is, was paying 60 percent less than my previous employer.

Just the other day I was hit with another statistic. According to the Current Employment Statistics (CES: payroll survey), it was reported that there was a loss of 20,000 payroll jobs in January, but the household survey showed an increase in the employment level of 541,000.  The new phenomenon is part time employment status. People, like myself are accepting part time work as unemployment dries up to earn income.


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