Twenty Eight Days of February #26

There isn’t a week that passes without someone requesting prayers. Either by email, phone or in person, someone is always mentioning that so and so is in need my prayers. Today, I am finding myself reflecting on just how often I have responded, “I will pray…”   for her or him or them. And then what happens? I don’t. Nothing happens. Empty promises.

Two weeks into Lent and it has hit me, prayer requests are a cry for help, or an opportunity to enter into communion with others or a call to action.

Maybe it is because it is Friday and I could really go for a burger and that tuna sandwich is leaving me asking, “where’s the beef?” At any rate today, is the first day of the rest of my prayer life.

When I am asked, I will enter a name prayerfully in my little book of prayers. You can count on it.


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