A Poet Never Travels Alone

Perhaps recalling your childhood,  you have fond memories of sitting on your mother’s lap as she read from the classic  Mother Goose, a soothing or silly sing-song rhyming story of an old lady with a shoe full of children.
Or maybe you remember that elementary school teacher who required poetry memorization and to this day you can still recite “Trees” by Joyce Kilmer.

If you are like me, you were smitten with the poetry bug in those difficult teen years when writing a sonnet or a ballad became a way out of sadness, rejection or an unrequited crush.

Whatever brought poetry into your life, this art form that predates the written word began to keep tradition alive in the hearts of young and old and does so today, more than ever.

Poetry may be defined as an evocation of images through words.  And while it is possible to put poetry into categorical style, form and tests to determine what type a poem may be; it just may be that poetry gives rise to emotional responses quite unlike anything else can.

Therefore, the best poetry is poetry undefined.

Today you have stumbled upon a place of poetry. While I will not confine poetry to a dictionary definition, exploring the power of a poem can be an amazing adventure.

A poet never travels alone.

Words may turn into techniques,

rhyme without reason,

something great or something small

or really nothing at all.


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