East Meets West

Admit it, you are disoriented at first. The open space is overcrowded. The noise and energy levels are high. The first experience is a cultural shock. English is not spoken or written here. This is a membership club. Young women, tailored and dressed conservatively bow to the elders who take precedence over all others. Fresh fish smells fill the air. Physically, you are in Costa Mesa, but this store is a slice of Japan. Under one roof you can find a Tiger rice cooker, Sungold fish roaster, tajine pots, stationery, Mainichiko incense, miso, mochi, lucky sticks and yes even Little Kitty. All of this eye candy is available at great prices. There is also  a wide assortment of many tasty treats in the food court to tempt even the not so brave at heart.

Can’t make it to anyone of the eight Southern California locations, brush up on you Japanese and visit online: http://www.marukai.com/


One Response to “East Meets West”

  1. Irene Says:

    My kids go there every time they visit Orange County. They have the best supplies for their tabletop grill.

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