I’ll Take Coalinga

That will get your attention! Seriously, what crosses your mind when you hear the word: COALINGA?

  • 1983 Earthquake that destroyed this city.
  • WHAMOBASS, the longest consecutively running annual hot air balloon rally in the world.
  • The annual Horned Toad Derby held over Memorial Day weekend.
  • California’s first new state hospital built in 2005 to house sexually violent predators.
  • “Pleasant” Valley State Prison
  • One of the “hottest” spot in the state (and I don’t mean dope or liveliest).

Perhaps Coalinga conjures up these “Ripley” moments, or it just may be The Harris Ranch, an oasis in Fresno County. For nearly 75 years the Harris Ranch has provided an anchor to this community. Touted as one of the largest family owned, vertically integrated agribusinesses in the nation, HR is known for its high quality beef.  If you aren’t into eating the meat, how about running with the horses? HR has made its mark in the training of Thoroughbred racehorses.

HR has a restaurant that serves nearly 2,000 guests each day, an inn at the ranch with more than 150 guest rooms and lavish accommodations, a store that offers a shop until you drop experience and an overall memorable surprise in the valley if you are willing to pull of the road somewhere between your LA to SF trip.


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