Play with me awhile…

If you ever owned any one of these marvelous toys: Barbie and Ken, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, the slinky dog, plastic army men, a chatter telephone pull toy, those colorful barrel of monkeys or  the nightmarish cymbal clanging monkey, just to see them gathered together on screen one last time Disney-Pixar style is worth the $11.00 price of admission to Toy Story 3. It’s better than a high school reunion where everyone has changed but you.

If you have ever had a child, most likely you can remember watching his or her endless hours of make believe play with action figures, teddy bears and legos.

Maybe you have tender memories of your son or daughter preparing to leave home for college. As he or she makes ready for a departure into a new world, you called out stoically: “Attic, Donation or Trash.” Why is it that most everything winds up in storage?

Toy Story 3, while not as strong as 1 or 2, like your off-to-college soon-to-be-an-adult kid, rest assured you will cry when you realize the time has come to put away all these childish ways. See it and weep.


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