Employment…at What Price?

Six weeks into unemployment…I have posted on a vast array of opportunities including working for Greenpeace (for which I am not green enough apparently), egg donor sales (it doesn’t help if your eggs are hard boiled) and the plan to earn $1450 per week in sales (put oh yeah you must invest $20k to get in on the ground floor). Who says jobs aren’t plentiful these days?

LOVE WORKING WITH SENIORS? HAVE YOU HAD EXPERIENCE VOLUNTEERING IN A SENIOR COMMUNITY AND WANT TO GET PAID TO DO SO…Seems that there is plethora of job options for those who want to help the elderly live a quality of life in the comfort of their own homes.  Do you like to shop? Do you like cooking? Are you a great companion? Honestly, how can you turn away an offer like this? $10 per hour or collecting unemployment, let me see…

I did some research on home care jobs. You can house sit, babysit, pet sit or be a companion. Each position comes with its own level of responsibility. House sitting gets you a change of scenery, allows you to test the waters of new digs or an upscale location but is generally provided without monetary compensation. Pet sitting services can range in price from about $10 to $25 each day depending upon the level of care and attention given to the dog, cat or birds. “Babysitting” varies on whether you are a nanny or just keeping a kid safe, still the going rates range from $10 to $15 per hour. Someone providing care for seniors  averages $10 per hour. Hmmmm, makes one wonder about employment at what cost?


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