Something New, Used and Borrowed

Located on the campus of Chapman University in Orange, California, The Guggenheim Gallery was built with a gift from Robert and Shirley Guggenheim in 1975.  The gallery is part of the Wilkinson College Department of Art and boasts successful partnerships with many community arts organizations including Southern California Artists, Orange Unified School District and the Orange Art Association. Chapman University organizations also hold receptions in the gallery.

Have you ever wondered what kind of artwork professional artists collect or what interconnectedness or relationships artists have with other artists?

USED, NEW, BORROWED, the gallery’s current exhibition is art through the eyes of nine artists. Their artwork (“new”) is displayed alongside of works of artists whose pieces are part of the artists’ private collection (“used”) who also invite another artist to share his or her work as part of the exhibit (“borrowed”).

Works on displayed included those of the following artists: Craig Antrim, Jane Bauman, Lisa & Tom  Dowling, Julie Easton, David Michael Lee, Bradford Salamon, Pat Sparkuhl, P. Williams.
Other Artists: Matthew Carver, Mary Cecile,  Gee Brian Cooper, Mary Heebner, Trevor Norris, Katherine Rohrbacher, Joseph Salamon, Gregg Stone, Julia Strickler.  More Artists:Don Bachardy,  Nick Boskovitch, Bill Boaz, John Paul Jones, Frank Dixon,  Kathe Kollwitz  David Ordaz, Richard Ross, Edwin Ushiro, Bedroom Wall Re-installation (Robert Arieas, R.T. Pece, Jeffrey Crussell, Richard Turner, Max King Cap, Andrea Harris-McGee, Jeffrey Gillette, Jeffrey Vallance, Joe Marsico and more).

Many of the nine local artists were on hand to share their stories and connections to the art they shared in this exhibit and the July 10th opening. For more information visit New Used Borrowed on Facebook or The Guggenheim Gallery at This memorable exhibit runs through July 30th.


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