Shacking Up in Laguna Beach

When you hear the word: SHACK what do you think of? A seven foot-325 pound NBA star (former Laker)? Or William P. Young’s novel about a man who meets God in person?

Putting a new kind of shack on the map is the current exhibit at The Laguna Art Museum – The Art Shack. At first, playful bordering on silliness, the exhibit exposes the voyeur to trendy shacks, crapper shacks, tattoo shacks, slave shacks, surfer shacks and a guillotine shack. The shacks are interactive (inviting you to enter and explore) and include flashing lights, old sound recordings, videos and  famous animated television series.

The exhibit will expose your senses to an uncomfortable art and architecture marriage. While the perception of a shack varies, the personalities of artists Paul Frank (Shacky Blue), and Mark Ryden and Marion Peck (Sweet Wishes Miniature Theater)  are captivating, the show stealers are Costa Mesa artists Jeff Gillette and Laurie Hassold. Underscoring the life of millions of people around the globe, Gillette’s Slum pieces and Mickey Jakarta are brilliant in capturing a way of life foreign to the typical Laguna Beach gallery gawker.  Hassold’s Reading the Bones is a chilling mixture of human and animal bones that provide a unique shelter.

Other works not to be missed include Travis Somerville’s Great American Let Down, whose work is inspired by his life in the south and civil rights activists parents and James P. Scott Torn View of Paradise which incorporates the use of street signs and power lines for his shack.

The exhibit runs through October 3rd at the Laguna Art Museum and is sponsored by Hurley. For more information visit:


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