Reading Matters

Alexia sine Agraphia met Benny Cooperman in the middle of the night. Benny Cooperman, a detective that emerged on the crime scene in 1980, could solve any case. But in 2000 he came face to face with a mystery that changed his life forever.

Canadian author, Howard Engel, went to sleep one evening, suffered a stroke in the middle of the night, and awoke to find that the portion of his brain effected was his ability to read. With this  rare condition known as alexia sine agraphia, Engel found that he could write, but as soon as he tried to put his thoughts to the paper, they were lost.

In this short memoir, “The Man Who Forgot How to Read,” Engel shares his lost life, frustrations and willingness to write one more time. Engel recalls that there were other effects of the stroke that emerged over time, “but none were as dramatic and devastating as this one”; an author who made his living working with words. Follow Engel in his journey to a  remarkable triumph over his affliction.

The happy ending is Engel’s most recent Benny Cooperman detective story, “The Memory Book”.


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