It seemed like an unlikely venue for a glam rock star (and an even more unlikely place for a 60 year old). Built in the 1920’s the Copley Symphony Hall in downtown San Diego was once the famous Gothic Revival movie House known as the Fox Theater.  Conferred to a symphony hall in 1984,  this 2,200 seat French Rocco/Spanish Colonial center was transformed from a blend of  majestic civility and high society to an auditorium filled with thunderous screams of love and a festival of fan appreciation for Adam Lambert. (And while I wasn’t donning leather or chains, over the knee black platform boots or dog collars) I was dazzling in my pink crepe and toole (sp) skirt and black tights and top and tennies!

As part of the 2010 Glam Tour, the night opened with a rocky start by newbie Allison Irihita, was launched forward with  Michael Jackson’s lead guitarist Orianthi Panagari and the verve was unleashed with headliner Adam Lambert, the 29 year old San Diego son, (American Idol runner up) who needs no introduction and no one to warm up the stage.

Playing to a  standing room only crowd of eight to 80 year olds and everything in between, Adam won hearts in his own style and fashion just  FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT.  Long and lanky Lambert showed us he could STRUT STRUT STRUT while the audience bobbed up and down along the way.

Captivating the crowd, he went solo (solo, solo)  and crooned, WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? Oh  the wailing fans  let him know time and again as they chanted, “Adam, Adam, Adam.”

Laser lights cut through the smoke filled hall  as Adam hypnotized the audience with A RING OF FIRE that was so chilling, Johnny Cash surely took notice from his grave. And when he belted out a mesmerizing WHOLE LOTTA LOVE , unlike anything Led Zepellin would have dreamed of,  the crowd  begged for more.

A brilliant surprise of the evening was the dynamic rock opera, SOAKED. This song showed grace, versatility and the clarity of this performer.  But what had the audience jumping up and down was (we are the) SURE FIRE WINNERS. And they were sure winners, having been treated to a scaled down idol version of what could be a larger than life Las Vegas style performance,  but because of stage size and costume change time this was a evening filled with a demonstration of Adam’s range of talent and mass appeal.

Adam, it’s true, I am a GLAMBERT, my public display was shameless and tweenybopper-like,  and YOU MAKE ME WANNA LISTEN TO MUSIC AGAIN.


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