The Lady Wore a Red Hat

Over the past several weeks, many people and community groups have been wrestling with the viability of Harper’s Pointe senior housing project (a 53 unit mixed up low income housing property).

I, too have had questions… Until yesterday when I attended the memorial for Anne Hogan Sherevshesky, a friend of mine for more than 22 years who past away earlier this month at the age of 89.5 years.

Then it occurred to me: WWAHSD  ~ What would Ann Hogan Sherevshesky do?

The red hat lady would ask questions and want answers.

Is this the best location for senior housing, perhaps not… but this is a unique opportunity to offer high quality apartments to low income seniors.

Is this a safe location for housing? With an onsite manager and security personnel, safety is ensured for its residents.

Is this the quietest spot for housing? Not any more so than for Woodland Apartment residents or visitors to Residence Inn. But we have been assured that noise issues will be mitigated to ensure quality of life for Harpers Pointe residents.

Is there access to food and doctors? Harper’s Pointe is 8/10 of a mile from a large chain grocery store and urgent care center.

Harper’s Pointe is 6/10 of a mile to shops and fast food places  and other restaurants.

Is this a place for seniors? Harper’s Pointe offers a community center, dedicated activity space and exercise room.  Harper’s offers a community environment for its residents. With its social service enriched programming, seniors will have onsite access to a wealth of community resources.

Oh, and Anne would be happy that Harper’s Pointe is 4/10 of a mile to a church.

Here is an opportunity for the city council to provide seniors with much needed affordable housing.  And now is the time.

Thanks, Anne, this one is for you. And hats off to you, my dear friend.


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