A Prince of a Tale

When Antoine de Saint Exupery died at the age of 44 in 1944, he left behind one of the most priceless pieces; his ageless, timeless story, The Little Prince.Filled with pearls of wisdom, The Little Prince is a tale written by an adult for adults as seen through the eyes of a child for children.

The story opens with a man recalling a book he vividly recalls as a child, a jungle book, True Stories. The boy was inspired to draw vivid pictures which were ridiculed and dismissed by adults. And so the boy put away his childish ideas of ever drawing. In just three short pages we a jarred into the man’s reality as is reflecting a time, not more than six years ago when a plane he was piloting crashed in the Sahara Desert. And so the journey begins the following day after a night’s sleep on the sand when the man awakes to a Little Prince standing in front of him.

We learn about the planet this Little Prince calls home where he can enjoy sunsets 44 times in one day and a flower with four thorns that is cared for and nurtured. We are taken on an adventure led by the Little Prince as he visits neighboring asteroids. Along the way we learn many lessons as we are introduced to a commanding king “despised by all others”, a conceited “vain” man, the shameless drunk, the overworked businessman consumed with working so hard at doing nothing all day long, a lamplighter whose world was too small for two, and a know it all know nothing geographer. When the Little Prince makes a stop on earth he doesn’t learn lessons from people but from a snake and a fox instead. He realizes being too witty may lead to lying; “You become responsible for what you tame”  and the secret to life that “One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

You are an adult and you are reading this posting. You know that daily we face troubles and pain; we read about suffering and inhumanity. Go to the library and sit in solitude for an hour with The LIttle Prince and find the child in your heart.


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