Morning showers and the dew…

Welcome in the day so new!

On this the fourth day of October, the Catholic Church remembers the life of St. Francis of Assisi. Born in Assisi, now considered a sacred town in central Italy, Francis is most well known as the Saint who loved all of God’s creatures.  But Francis of Assisi, considered a poor man,  inspired the Church by taking the gospel literally. St. Francis followed the teachings of the Lord daily, wholeHEARTedly, with joy and without limits on his love. St. Francis was a man of devotion and loyalty to the Word.

May the early morning dew serve as a reminder to all of its simplicity and generosity. As the soft warm showers dance on the earth let us remember the gifts of the earth and the sky; the gift of the human body and all the riches bestowed upon us when we accept the Lord, humbly and in service. And let us also call to mind the life of Saint Francis of Assisi in whose foot steps we walk today.



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