Big Dippers

We are a nation of big dippers.

We dip nearly every food that we put into our mouths. And we do so in groups. Just take a look at food pyramid. Over the years many scientists, nutritionists and even the federal government have gotten into the act in trying to change this Bermuda triangle into something it’s not. Using colors, cartoon characters and common sense we have come to memorize the four groups: dairy, meat, grain, and the fruits and vegetables group.

Whether it’s a fast food chain or an appetizer tray being served at a party, Americans don’t do veggies naked. We dip carrots, red and green peppers as well as broccoli and snow peas. And if we aren’t topping off our vegetables with a white colored dressing we are filling in the open spaces, like a celery stalk with a thick spreadable mixture.

Fruits are sweet, juicy and easy to munch. So why do we complicate a strawberry or a banana with chocolate, an apple with peanut butter or blueberries with a Crème fraiche?

Consider fish and meat. We don’t eat shrimp or crab without a sauce and who eats lobster without smothering it in butter? We dip our cornmeal-coated dogs in mustard and few can resist chicken wings without having dipped them in ranch dressing. Why, that even sounds wrong.

How do you eat your spuds? When even the finest, most upscale establishment offers you a choice of four dips for your generously seasoned or Parmesan garlic coated fries, who can resist?

We dip our breads for crumbs, French toast and fondue. And we wouldn’t consider eating a cracker without a spread of some kind. There are bean dips, salsas and cheese dips.

It’s amazing how many of the less than healthy foods we dip; take for example the potato chip, the pretzel. And this one really pushes dipping over the top: dipping your deep fried churro into hot fudge.

Lastly, we cannot forget ice cream. We really shoot for the stars with this treat. We dip our waffle cones and then put the ice cream upside down (which defies gravity) in a vat of chocolate! Yes, we are big dippers. I rest my case.


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