What a Re-Leaf!

Depending on when or where you were raised, autumn may hold different childhood memories for you. If you were fortunate enough to grow up in the Midwest in the (early) 1950’s you remember fall with fondness; a chill in the air, leaves of the deciduous trees dropping like an unexpected gift, and smoke from fireplaces and burning leaves filling the morning air.


Now don’t get your panties in a bundle, and yes, we burned leaves. Those were the good old days, when leaf collection used to be a family affair shared and celebrated by mom, dad, kids and grandparents. All you needed was a rake and a broom.

Rakes and brooms, you know what I mean, the tools that pre-dated the dreaded LEAF BLOWER! What’s that you say, you can’t hear my voice above the whizzing decibels?

So here is a name for you. Don Quinto. Who is that man? Apparently he is credited with the invention of noise and hot air and the leaf blower. Not much is written about this man.  Surely he has received many death threats or at least complaints.  Inasmuch as controversy swirls ’round the leaf blower, all it seems that we know is that the invention which is the delight of landscapers (or the mow, blow and go crew) was introduced in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s.

As my feet crunched across a pile of brown, gold, yellow and red leaves in my front (Southern California) yard I began to reminisce. I wanted to throw myself into fall’s bed of glory!

Today in our home we use a robot to clean our floors and another to clean our gutters. No, robot is not another word for h-u-s-b-a-n-d.  But if it were up to my husband, we’d have additional robots to clean the pool; take care sorting and folding clothes, emptying the dishwasher and locating all of his misplaced necessities.

So as the noise pollution/leaf blower controversy surfaces again,  I can’t help but thinking, why not a leaf eating robot?


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