22 – 2 Christmas

I put on a happy face.

Altho I was laid off in June.

and while it seems outta place…

I whistle a happy tune.

I think that’s how the song goes… At any rate, there are no jobs out there. PERIOD. Now if I spoke Vietnamese,  or wanted to work 40 hours a week as a case manager for $9.00 per hour, or have my brain used for research at UCI or work for Greenpeace. Yeah right. But hold on. Unemployment is down sorta of. Statistics play into the fact that there is temporary hiring for this jolly spending season. And then of course, there is the good news that my unemployment benefits have not be extended (that goes for  millions of the nation’s jobless).  How grand that’s gonna be for Christmas. It’s like the company who lays you off the week before Christmas. Yes I share the news with nearly two million Americans who will have their unemployment checks run out this week. This is bigger than the Grinch.


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