Preparing to Loose

When you belong to something, anything,  you can find yourself preparing to loose. Whether it is God or a faith community, a family of any size or a circle of friends ~  the more you give  the more you loose. The same is true for your job, school experience or community organization. The more you invest, the more you loose. Over the course of time you may find yourself clinging to people, but at the end of it all you know you must release them. And with the passing of time you find you are left with a memory or the spirit of it all. So must we detach ourselves from these material things in order to discover a true sense of reality? Must we build barriers so as not to receive the love that is dying to break through? Do we hold back, just a little so as not to be available to pain?

Or is it that by the very acceptance of the knowledge that some day, at any moment you must be prepared to loose someone in your circle of friends; or that job you love, or a dear family member you will give everything you have knowing that just may be your last gift. So you prepare to loose.


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