Spring burst through the morning, forcing the windows wide open. Soft, warm 80 degree weather rested on my shoulders. A gentle breeze resulted in the newly blossoming branches of the apricot tree to sway ever so slightly.  Sweet, competing voices rose from a variety of small wild birds filling my  head with happy thoughts.

This was the start of a wonderful way to clear through the overcrowded growth in the yard. Focusing on the earth, my  mind was allowing the Lenten meditation for this day to penetrate into the most hidden corners of my heart.  Yanking out the weeds, I prayed that God  would show Himself to me. Hand raking up dried brush and brown leaves, I asked that God allow the work of my hands to humbly serve others for good.

I was struck by the decomposed fruit from the generous satsuma and lemon trees. How rich was the soil that surrounded the grey ash! I was reminded of the deaths of acquaintances of the week. And just as God raises the dead and gives them new life, the soft wind lifted up the remains, carrying the dust towards heavens gate.


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