Answering the Call

You rush toward the door. You fumble for the right key. You drop your load on the table at the entry. You know you have to scramble to gather the things you need for the meeting that awaits you in the conference room. But you are tempted by the endless vibration of the phone in your pocket. You slam on the brakes as you glance at the message: “George died this morning. Please pass the word along to your sisters. Funeral arrangements pending. I love you. Love to the girls, Dorothy.”

A wave of anxiety strikes. The heart pounds with great intensity. For a moment the arms go limp.

My day has just begun and I am exhausted. The ringing continues.  “We seek Thee as Thou hast told us.” And in my seeking I find only questions, no answers.  The weariness I experience is not a sign of the lack of spirit but a willingness of my heart longing for  the guidance of the Spirit.

With the beckoning of that very first ring… I have once again received that wake up call. I realize all too quickly that my way seems narrow and out of focus. At the very moment urgency sets in, I am reminded that there is but one path that leads to abundant life.

Answering the call is deliberate.  Immediately the emptiness leaves me. I have accepted Him again. And at that moment  I am no longer  alone. I have found companionship; a comrade infinitely tender, infinitely strong and He will tread the way with me just because I answered the call.

“Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”  Matthew 7:14


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