For Richer or Pourer











An end of the summer event; who doesn’t like a night outdoors?  It’s the last Saturday in August. The big dipper’s appearance overhead is an added treat to the beautiful Hollywood Bowl backdrop.  The impressive band shell shines like the bright sun before she sets in the west. Eighteen thousand concert-goers begin to find a place to nest and dine.

In this fish bowl, the class distinctions mirror life.

You can find the top one per cent of the patrons comfortably seated in the pool circle. The inhabitants are sport-coated and strapless. Amidst the crisp linens, silverware and crystal, catered meals and fine champagne generously flow. The fragrance of sophistication fades before it reaches the higher elevations.

Guests in the Terrace boxes comprise the next nine percent of the population. Neatly packaged dinners, plastic ware and moderately priced wines with bold labels are prominently positioned for the discerning eyes to see. Casual elegance and polite conversations buffer the exuberance from above.

And then there is the rest of the world. Tupperware to two-buck chuck, food and wine are stored underneath the seats absent of any pretense. No comparing labels here, but lots of sharing. While there is a definite distinction of class and color; the evening’s participants of the “rest of show” display decorum and genuine pleasure in the open-air experience. Saturday date-night itty-bitty black dresses and loose fitting collared shirts dot the crowd adding a festive feel to what awaits 36,000 longing ears.

The balmy night air is filled with magic and music and the two and one half hour stunning performance does not disappoint. Three encores speak volumes. All have been sated. People have come to catch a glimpse of a legendary conductor. God smiles and realizes that lives may not be permanently changed by a philharmonic experience but civility reigns as the masses pour into the streets of a Saturday Night feverish Hollywood lifestyle.


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