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The Man Who Would Not Sit Idly By

January 27, 2012

The Man Who Would Not Sit Idly By

Father Patrick Desbois

“The book (The Holocaust by Bullets) is meant so that people know … that a genocide is simply people killing people,” Desbois said. “My book is also an act of prevention of future acts of genocide.”

Written in 2008, this story was the mission of a priest, to give voice to the witnesses and victims of the Ukrainian holocaust. Father Patrick Desbois worked tirelessly to uncover the truth behind the deaths of 1.5 million Jews.



January 10, 2012

We lived there,

for a moment;

a turbulent, terrible




We lived

at the edge of time

as driving rains

moved us to higher ground.



We survived spills

and hooks

and rough waters,



The ugly duckling;

the lonely black Swan

should have been a warning.


Instead he made us laugh,

for a moment.

Love Drunk Doodles

January 10, 2012












Are the doodles the day away. Far more intelligent are the little ones

Who work at scribbles all day

Daydream inspired Art.

A teacher’s performance

wasted on a classroom of

Man Ray, duChamp or Miro

Warhol wannabies

Scratching their number twos

Across an otherwise

Boldly Blank college ruled sheet

The squiggles and the scrawls

Deciphered tell tales

Of buck bronte and more

Or less.

En Antigua Todo es Possible y Mas

January 10, 2012

Beneath the patchwork quilt
Of the tin roofs
Arte es universal
Arte es natural
Muted rainbows
emptied pots filled
With the tears of motherless children
Men battle green for a place to call home
Blues blanket the boys and girls
Seeking shelter in a little classroom
There the air is brown
Splattered with hues of yellows and gold
A single ray of white dust
Dances from heaven
And moves to the sea
From this painful earth
On these broken faces
Arte is universal
Arte es natural
Callejones, passageways
Where dreams fall deaf on
Broken glass and cobblestone