Wasting Face Time?


A waste of time or wasting “face” time?

For all of the reasons there are to dislike facebook, there are more than enough reasons to extol its relevance, if not its importance in any given day.

What started out as a way to stay in tuned to technology has turned into an important immediate form of communication.

Today, as an example, with facebook, I learned a friend had to take someone to the hospital and was in need a prayers and support. It became a call to action and a way to connect virtually “firsthand.”  A moment later I was introduced to one fascinating young modern artist! I was able to join a cause and show my support for an issue dear to my heart that is half way around the globe.  I was able to share a job lead with someone- instantly providing a friend with a jumpstart on her lonely search.  I learned that two friends have recently started blogging and so I shared in seeing a side of each previously never witnessed. The list goes on.

Just slice of facebook life:

  • article from Christian Examiner
  • updates from CNN
  • hot off the Huffington Post
  • UCLA parents news
  • a movie review
  • a tempting recipe for tonight’s dinner
This all takes place inside of 10 minutes from the seat of my pants and waiting on hold for a call with the cable company.
Wasting face time? I don’t think so!


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