When I Grow Up I’m Gonna Be An Old Woman

There is great stuff, encouraging research coming out of the National Center for Creative Aging (NCCA) that I thought you’d love to know about. Yes, you my old lady friends! When we are all grown up and become old women we are going to be able to do the things we like to do; the things we have longed to do. And you wanna know why? Because these things are good for our health, longevity and sanity.

Recent studies show that music has positive effects on aging. So when I crank up the tunes, be it Beatles music or Frankie Valle, it will be because listening to the loud melodic noise will increase blood flow, improve arterial health and trigger memories.
Next is the study that states that Coloring Books are hip for people who are isolated or alone for many hours of the day. So bring on those crayolas and let me have at it because art therapy will be a bridge from my mind to yours!
Finally, there is the study on movement.  For all the years you said that I couldn’t dance… too bad. I am going to dance anyway.  I am going to need a way to express myself when words fail me so I am going to move it shake – twist it – burn it.  If I need a way to break out from my walker or wheelchair or from the pain of osteo, I may take up Yoga when I am 88 years old.
You have seen it now in writing, so don’t be surprised.

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