Where do we go from heartbreak?

Ask me, a parent,  about my role and there is one way to sum up parenthood: there are days of joy and there are days of heartbreak.

I find myself looking back on experiences of sweet happiness with each step my son took;  and today as he  ventures out in the world I watch as he makes his way. Mostly, I can recall some of the  proudest moments when my son as a child was a good person. When I see that he does good and is happy, I thank God  for that joy.

Yes, we watch our children ever so carefully and yet, we are unable to see every important decision our he or she will make; many decisions go unnoticed. But we know, if our child is a good person, does good for others, there are no greater rewards.

Heartbreak should not come as a surprise to parents, and yet I know that each time  my son has had to face disappointment, hurt or suffering , how my  heartbreaks. Uncertainty , blame, hopelessness and fear surrounds us during these difficult days, like  a darkness that last for so painfully long.

Joy and heartbreak, I wouldn’t trade one moment.



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