Sharing Life


I generally find myself between a book and a hard place.  I can’t sit for long periods of time and yet, there is always a book in my hand, my car or in my briefcase.  I was seated next to a friend at church and she turned to me and inquired as to what I was reading at the moment.  When I enthusiastically replied, “The End of Your Life Book Club” we took out our journals at the same time and shared our lists of books we had recorded as we read this marvelous story.


As a mother of two adult sons, one a movie buff and the other an avid reader, I move in and between their lives sharing stories, required readings and must see films.  Will Schwalbe’s heartfelt book reminds me that we must find a connection with our spouse, our children and friends through creative means, as art inspires the heart.


If you have  a deep and rich connection with your mother, you are blessed. I do not have that with mine. I never will. But we cannot be paralyzed by the relationships we don’t have, but grateful for those we do have.


Share life, share your gifts with the world.







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