Big, Bold, Bulbous Botero


url As a young boy, Fernando announced to his mother that he would become an artist. Her reply was simply that “you are going to die of hunger.”

Today, at the age of 80, Botero owns a home in New York, Monaco, Paris, Columbia, Italy and Greece.

At the age of 14  he sold his first drawing for dos pesos, yes, apporximately $2.00 which he lost before he returned home to show his mother.

Today his pieces sell in the millions!

Fernando Botero has fire in his soul. He was tossed out of high school at the age of 16 for his political writings in the local paper on Cubism and its negative effect on modern society. His works of the 1960’s depicted the military juntas in South America. His controversial art continued as he painted large pieces on drug violence in Columbia. His collection of prisoner abuse in Iraq caused quite a fury in 2005.

Botero is man who has amassed immeasurable wealth but his modest beginnings instilled frugality in him. As a recipient of a $7,000 art award, he was able to spend three years living in Europe on one dollar a day in his early twenties.  Arriving in New York with $200 in his pocket and 70 drawings, which he sold for a total of $ 700, Fernando began collecting art and gave it all away. In 2000 he gave away hundreds of millions of dollars to two museums.

Fernando Botero’s paintings and sculptures are easily recognizable by their oversized images.


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