March 10th – Get Up and Lighten the Load

I will probably be mumbling to myself for a few more days about daylight savings time. In a few weeks, however,  I will be soaking up the extra hours of sunlight, wondering what the fuss was all about… In the throes of (what I knew would be a packed week),  I allowed any sleep I was enjoying to be interrupted by the thoughts of extra duties piled upon my load. Grumbling in the dark and stumbling through the”getting ready” routine three hours earlier than usual, I moved about in a fog.

Fortunately, I answered the call. Six teens at the shelter (three of them new) were adjusting to roommates and changes, far more monumental than me getting up a couple of hours early to watch over them and participate in some of their routine activities to keep their morning as normal as possible.

For a moment, I was part of the love in their lives. Sharing and shining His light in and through me.

Those first impressions can change a life permanently. Thank you God for an opporutnoity to get up and lighten the load.


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