March 17th – Will You Pray with Me?

If you are like me, you do it everyday. It’s never quite the same, nor does it happen at the same time each day. We pray. Oh, the forms prayer takes. Whether is it one word or a lengthy conversation. We pray.  Saint John of Damascus said that “Prayer is the raising of one’s mind and heart to God. Thomas Merton that when we pray, we should “Take the time.”

During Lent, more than anytime, we must consciously take the time to raise our hearts and minds to God. But how, since it seems we are always too busy. 

 I suggest  praying in the car. For those of us distracted by a thousand things, and who are constantly on the move, the car can be a bit like a monastic cell. It encloses you within a quiet, meditative space conducive to prayer. Also, as an added bonus, when you treat your car as a monastery, traffic becomes a welcome opportunity for more prayer and silence, rather than a cause of frustration. 

I understand this will be easier for some than others. But silence the noise. Start by turning off the radio. Put away the phone. Keep you hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. Leave the rest to God. Use your travel time to raise your mind and heart to Him. 


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