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Lightyears Ahead: Le Corbusier

December 11, 2014


“My research is, like me feelings, directed towards which is the principal value in life: Poetry… There is always art. Art is inseparable from being, a truly indissoluble source of exaltation with the power to bestow pure happiness. It is intimately linked to the movements of our heart, and it makes the stages of our difficult path through the thickets of this age, of all ages, towards a state of awareness. It guides us through time… the arts are an eloquent mirror which reflects the indices of power of each epoch as well as the coefficients that express the emotiosns of the soul.”


Wordsworth, Poetically Does Not Mince Words

December 11, 2014


“Accuse me not
of arrogance…
If, having walked with nature,
And offered, far as frailty would allow,
My heart, a daily sacrifice to Truth,
Whom I have served, that their Divinity
Revolts, offered at the ways of men,
Philosophers, who, through the human soul
Be of a thousand faculties composed.”

The Miracles of Nature

December 11, 2014


Le Corbusier said of Grasset: That he taught us that “only nature was beautiful and that we could be no more than humble imitators of her forms and her wonderful materials.”

How Do We Measure Creativity?

December 11, 2014


“The measure of an artist’s originality, put in the simplest terms, is the extent to which his (or her) selective emphasis deviates from the conventional norm and establishes new standards of relevance.”