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December 16, 2015

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December seems to be a time when the year in review becomes a blur. Fortunately for Facebook users, we are reminded throughout the year of milestones. I journal, I blog, I write; and so I do have a myriad of sources to review to reflect on the past. But there are so many things I really don’t keep track of like rainy days, cold nights, or  quiet spaces amidst the flurry of my post it notes and do lists;  and there was one list I wasn’t keeping…

When it was first introduced on the web eight years ago, goodreads made little sense to me. Imagine the idea of a site for readers, book lovers and recommendations. I dismissed the idea until a couple of years later when I realized I was re-reading books from the library. Revisiting good reads, I was struck by their mission to “help people find and share books they love.

Now, certainly I have many sources to go to for suggestions of what to read, but there was something even more appealing to me; that was keeping track of what I was reading, being able to review books I had read,  and having a site recommend books to me based on my interests.

So last year I made a resolution to read one book a month. It seemed ambitious since there are many distractions: the daily newspaper, monthly subscriptions, favorite blogs and endless articles and journals. And then today I received my notification from goodreads that I not only reached my reading goal but I had exceeded it!

I read 14 books. The longest book I read was 555 pages!  The shortest book I read was 124 pages. Oh, I also logged in that I checked out an additional 10 books that I did not or could not finish.

I will be making a reading resolution for 2016 soon. I invite you to join me. And if for no other reason, than for curiosity sake, check out goodreads for the fun of it.




That Thing Called Time

December 9, 2015


It’s eight o’clock in the morning. I have had my one anise cookie and continue to sip on a good cup of coffee. Preparing for a (church board) dinner meeting, which will culminate with the celebration of the fourth night of Chanukah, it would appear that every pot/knife/bowl and kitchen tool is set before me as if I am going into battle. I guess you would say that I am. However, my enemies include tomatoes, onions, garlic, basil and thyme. Time. It’s just the thing I don’t have much of this particular moment.

I begin to slice and dice, roast, boil and simmer.

When the phone rings, I see I cannot ignore the call from my elderly mother. You see, she is in a constant battle between her capable and sharp mind and her uncooperative and feeble body.

How quickly I assess where I am in the execution of a perfect plan. Like many of you, primarily women, I am adept in the multi-tasking maneuvering tactics. But, the sound of a broken voice, and the ability to detect tears being suppressed, freezes this moment in time.

A simple task, calling the volunteer driver who will take mother to her much needed hair appointment, is an impossibility. There is no one there to decipher the numbers her weak eyes cannot make out. She lives in a place of fear and holds on tightly to the words, “I can’t help you, I am too sick myself” which are spoken all too often by a nearby sister.

In that ten minutes out of my morning, I bring reassurance and a calmness to a very lonely woman, who by choice,  fights for her independence over the uncertainly that is her time.