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December seems to be a time when the year in review becomes a blur. Fortunately for Facebook users, we are reminded throughout the year of milestones. I journal, I blog, I write; and so I do have a myriad of sources to review to reflect on the past. But there are so many things I really don’t keep track of like rainy days, cold nights, or  quiet spaces amidst the flurry of my post it notes and do lists;  and there was one list I wasn’t keeping…

When it was first introduced on the web eight years ago, goodreads made little sense to me. Imagine the idea of a site for readers, book lovers and recommendations. I dismissed the idea until a couple of years later when I realized I was re-reading books from the library. Revisiting good reads, I was struck by their mission to “help people find and share books they love.

Now, certainly I have many sources to go to for suggestions of what to read, but there was something even more appealing to me; that was keeping track of what I was reading, being able to review books I had read,  and having a site recommend books to me based on my interests.

So last year I made a resolution to read one book a month. It seemed ambitious since there are many distractions: the daily newspaper, monthly subscriptions, favorite blogs and endless articles and journals. And then today I received my notification from goodreads that I not only reached my reading goal but I had exceeded it!

I read 14 books. The longest book I read was 555 pages!  The shortest book I read was 124 pages. Oh, I also logged in that I checked out an additional 10 books that I did not or could not finish.

I will be making a reading resolution for 2016 soon. I invite you to join me. And if for no other reason, than for curiosity sake, check out goodreads for the fun of it.




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