A Life Changing Obit


An explosive inventor with more than 350 patents… By the age of 17 he had mastered five languages. He was a successful chemist, an inventor, engineer, entrepreneur, business man, author and pacifist.

So what would be this man’s life changing moment? Reading an obituary, HIS obituary! According to an account from the great Rabbi Harold Kushner, it was  by “chance” that Alfred Nobel would establish the Nobel Prizes for those who have done their best for humanity in the field of physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature and peace.

Having read a French obituary that stated “Le marchand de la mort est mort” (“The merchant of death is dead”), Alfred mistaking was reading an obit of his brother Ludvig. Believing that it was about himself, he was “given an opportunity” that few have, to read his obituary while he was alive. As the story goes, Alfred was horrified to read that he was responsible for creating something that could kill more people more quickly than anyone else had ever done. The production of explosives, including dynamite made the Nobel family wealthy.

And so Alfred Nobel came to realize that this was not how he wanted to be remembered. Long story short… The Nobel Prizes were established with the wealth created from the family business.

If you read your obituary today, would you change how you live your life at this moment?


“Home is where I work and I work everywhere.”


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