At the Root of All I Do

At the Root of All I Do

‘Honored’ journalist, Kelsey Timmerman posed this question: “What do you do and what has your work done to help people you write about?

I write grants. To respond that I am just the writer is like a doctor stating that he or she just treats a patient.

Seeing another’s suffering without action increases the pain.
Hearing someone’s symptoms without feeling the pain does not mend the hurt.
Treating the sick without repairing the hurt cannot heal the brokenness.

God given gifts bestowed upon me are rooted in responsibility. Just as I am called to duty, I am charged to write such that I am to raise you, my friend, my reader, to raise you up. If my written words do not stir within you to do, to pay it forward, and yes if only to facebook “Like” then time spent on my work as a grant writer has been wasted.


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