Grade Four: Writer

I started my career as a writer in fourth grade. My most powerful short story was about a chasm in the earth near Mount Kilimanjaro that set off an elephant stampede which killed my parents.

At the age of eleven I pretended I belonged to a writers group comprised of stuffed animals and oversized dolls.

I was given amazing opportunities to travel the USA, Mexico, Europe and the Soviet Union. With the Dave Barry motto  “Do things, not think things” and an overactive imagination coupled with a dysfunctional childhood, I never lacked for material for my short stories and poetry.

I’m a doer every bit as much as I’m a writer.

I have often thought of joining a  writing support group, but I didn’t want to sit around and shoot the breeze;  I wanted to write, feel  and try to help others experience the breeze.
“Knowing a lot of writers doesn’t make you a writer, writing does.”

I make time to write anything and everything.

Most of what I have to write is unimportant or of little consequence. But my writing is a snapshot, like that photograph, a point in time moment. It is an opportunity for growth and self-reflection.


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