What Color is Patience?

When you look at the image on the left what do you see? Do your eyes behold the beauty of an antique Hungarian pickling jar, or do you see a glass container?  Do you see three pounds or 300 jelly bellies?  Do you see colors that represent tasty favorites: banana, tangerine, lime, grape or raspberry fizz? Do you see a rainbow of treats that will delight the taste buds for weeks to come?

I am looking at a whole lot of temptation and another lesson in will power. On one level this jar of jelly beans represents potential calories and tooth decay and on another this is a test of my patience.

Why does my impatience find me looking past the flavorful choices and plotting ways I can bypass mandarin orange and blueberry to get to the lonely black licorice jelly bean located near the middle of the jar?

And how come I get angry realizing that my favorite cinnamon reds are lining the bottom of this container?

We learn to walk or ride a two-wheeler, and once mastered, and generally we don’t have to revisit those skills. But patience, that is an entirely different story.
I can thaw frozen hamburger meat or make popcorn in two minutes, but when it comes to friendships they require patience along with constant love and nurturing.

I can email, Facebook, text or Twitter hundreds of people in a matter of minutes, but real relationships take a lifetime of care and attention.

So, blindly I pick a jellybean, a white one slowly followed by a brown one; savoring the creamy vanilla flavor and then a deep rich coffee bean.  While I am not used to waiting for much, I have deliberately decided to adjust my attitude and behavior. I know it’s gonna take time to reach that pink watermelon jelly belly, but when I do, patience will pay off.


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