Does secularism trump church?



While on vacation, a podcast of Pastor Molly Baskette’s sermon,  Why I Need Church More than It Needs Me, really grabbed my attention. Here I was having a wonderful time in a spot where everyone is polite and more than that… kind. I was feeling at peace.  Not a church for miles, I figured I didn’t need one. Maybe my heart was full because of the ever-present beauty of mountains, rivers, and forests. I was surrounded by God’s presence. Could it be that nature is where secularism trumps church?  

I found it a whole lot easier to live a clean life, a good life without stress and distractions of the media and commitments in God’s creative space.  How much easier it is to awaken with a calmness without distractions. Unstructured time turned out to be a true blessing. I wasn’t rushing out the door for commitments, facing the morning traffic or having to respond to dozens of messages.

Home, less than 24 hours — and as Sunday approached, I felt a longing in my heart for my church family. What a difference it makes when I have “the full weight and positive inertia of other Christians trying to be better people around me. Church is the scaffolding around the weak structure of my character, ” Pastor Molly’s words resonated.

Former Pastor and peace activist, William Sloane Coffin, Jr., reminds us that the church is a crutch. How can that be?  Because don’t all of us walk with a limp?

I will take that crutch. As a Christian,  I will stretch out my hand to another and say:  “Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob, that God may teach us God’s ways and that we may walk in God’s paths.” – Micah 4:2


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