Advent 1


The work of the Holy Spirit along with the forces of nature led me to the 30-day challenge of Joan Jakel: attorney, artist, entrepreneur, empowerment instigator!

IT IS A DAY OF POSSIBILITIES! How is it possible that TODAY is the first day of Advent? How is it possible that I was brought to this space on your journey, Joan,  and I begin mine today? Just as this first week of Advent is a time to reflect on a message of hope, I begin my 30 days of filling my cup with blessings! While I do so, I read your reflection and I am filled with hope. This is a day of possibilities. So let us begin.

Yesterday was our last vacation day. It rained. It was cold. We had tickets to an end of the season college football game. And there had to be a better way to spend the day (like at home in front of a blaring fire). As we drove on campus and searched for parking… God and Nature came together with an answer and HOPE and possibilities.

But… back to today. I followed a link to Jenn Kaye’s Love Glasses Revolution. It provided an interesting connection. Every Advent I create a cup that is overflowing with blessings.I take that GLASS cup, write on a stick what I am grateful for during the 30 days that lead up to Christmas…and fill it up with Hope, Love, Faith, and Joy; the messages of advent.(Oh and add money each day that will serve as an extra donation at Christmas).

Day 1, today is a day of possibilities.


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