Advent 4


I’m sure this isn’t what Rosey the Riveter had in mind in WWII, but the times they have changed. At any rate, Advent day #4 is about patience. My AM to-do list filled two pages. And it really was all about two things, or maybe three: (1) Patiently waiting for a plumber; (2) organizing Christmas shopping and gifts-yet-to-be purchased; and (3) sharing lunch with my best/longest/enduring friend.

In each of the tasks at hand, I hoped to find surprises, smiles and adventures. And, at the end of the day,  many of the to-dos of today will be to-dos of tomorrow. An honest plumber directed me to the company of purchase for the leaky faucet and it’s on its way to me FREE. Sorting a bed covered with gifts, I uncovered (long forgotten, purchased) treasures that are sure to find their way into the hearts of friends and family members. And a good lunch with a great friend included a walk through an art gallery, a seat on a run-down tilt-a-whirl and a new bar in town.

All it took was a little patience.




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