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Hope and Hallelujah!

July 17, 2017


My girlfriend is Anne Lamott. She doesn’t know it. We have never met. But I know all of her secrets. Much of the time, we seem to be in sync.  “Tender Mercies” “Help Thanks Wow” “Some Assembly Required”  – her books and I have connected. She has made me laugh, cry; she has stopped me in my tracks.

In her newest book “Hallelujah Anyway,”  we’ve become closer than ever before. Anne is always there when I need her. I needed her now and she delivered. She did not disappoint.

To quote Washington Post columnist, Ann Bauer, “for the purpose of this book, mercy is defined and endlessly redefined as both the giving and the receiving of general forgiveness, compassion, kindness, tolerance, understanding, charity and/or acceptance.”  Ms. Lamott drives this theme home, hitting hard to the point of exhaustion. But that is precisely what it takes to discover, understand and embrace mercy needed to survive this life.

I felt like a snake shedding layers of dried skin as I read this book. Peeling away the rough outer layers of protection, I was vulnerable. But along the way, amidst the raw feelings and memories of those strange and unhappy people who were my only of being nurtured, I found mercy. I offered up a dish of forgiveness and hallelujahs, anyway.