Boots on the Ground

August 26, 2017


Living in Compton the Spanish crown

Rancho San Pedro, boots on the ground.


A ’33 earthquake rocked the town

One black resident, boots on the ground.


Courts did rule, folks were Compton-bound

The 50’s and 60’s, boots on the ground.


Left foot right foot hear the sound

Left foot right foot boots on the ground.


Pimps and hustling, deals going down

Gangsta lifestyle, boots on the ground.


Shots in the air voices drowned

Bullets cry out,  boots on the ground.


Gifts for guns layin’ in a mound

Combattin’ violence,  boots on the ground.


Left foot right foot hear the sound

Left foot right foot boots on the ground.




Stages of Development

August 24, 2017


Rolling on his belly                                                                                                                       Crawling on his knees                                                                                                                    Step by step and wobbly                                                                                                                Walking is a breeze.

A cane now guides his movement                                                                                                The walker scratches his floor                                                                                             Hunched over in the wheelchair                                                                                            Confined to bed once more.

Hope and Hallelujah!

July 17, 2017


My girlfriend is Anne Lamott. She doesn’t know it. We have never met. But I know all of her secrets. Much of the time, we seem to be in sync.  “Tender Mercies” “Help Thanks Wow” “Some Assembly Required”  – her books and I have connected. She has made me laugh, cry; she has stopped me in my tracks.

In her newest book “Hallelujah Anyway,”  we’ve become closer than ever before. Anne is always there when I need her. I needed her now and she delivered. She did not disappoint.

To quote Washington Post columnist, Ann Bauer, “for the purpose of this book, mercy is defined and endlessly redefined as both the giving and the receiving of general forgiveness, compassion, kindness, tolerance, understanding, charity and/or acceptance.”  Ms. Lamott drives this theme home, hitting hard to the point of exhaustion. But that is precisely what it takes to discover, understand and embrace mercy needed to survive this life.

I felt like a snake shedding layers of dried skin as I read this book. Peeling away the rough outer layers of protection, I was vulnerable. But along the way, amidst the raw feelings and memories of those strange and unhappy people who were my only of being nurtured, I found mercy. I offered up a dish of forgiveness and hallelujahs, anyway.

She Oughtta Know

May 12, 2017

IMG_20170512_105046.jpgInspired this morning to create a space for five minutes of special delight, because Helen Keller ought to know.

Face It – It’s Time to Grieve

May 10, 2017

It seems there has been a great deal of sharing sympathy going around these days. During these darker times, I often find myself turning to my neighbor. . .

Mr. Rogers always knew what to say in difficult situations.

I remember him giving advice to one of his puppets on loss. He said that it takes real strength to face sadness and to grieve. “Letting those tears flow when you need to, takes courage,” he would comfort the audience.  His gentleness encouraged viewers to talk about their feelings, reach out for help and seek comfort when you need it.

If it is your time to grieve, let your friend or neighbor be one.

Live Life!

May 8, 2017


What Did Helen Know?

May 7, 2017

IMG_20170507_115131.jpgThey took away what should have been my eyes, (“they” – who was this they?)

~But I remembered Milton’s Paradise.

They took away what should have been my ears,

~ Beethoven came and wiped away my tears.

They took away what should have been my tongue,

But I had talked with God when I was young. 

(Helen admits she had a conversation with God. Perhaps it was many years before this poem was written. What did she say to God? Was that the only time she spoke to God?)

He would not let them take away my soul  (He and them… He – God. Them – Who? Did she wrestle for her soul? Did she make a deal with God or the devil?)

Possessing that, I still possess the whole.

Costa Mesa Senior Center Takes a Chance on Love!

May 7, 2017

On Wednesday, August 24th the Costa Mesa Senior Center took a chance on love and guess what happened? Love won over our hearts! Perhaps the Costa Mesa Senior Center staff gambled when they decided to host a screening of  the 2014 film “The Age of Love.” However, I would say this successful event was a turning point for the Costa Mesa Senior center.  As part of the campaign to bring to the forefront the stereotypes about life after 70!

More than 100 men and women of all ages were on hand not only to be entertained but to participate in a live discussion with the acclaimed filmmaker and screenwriter,Steven Loring. For Mr. Loring the making of this film was personal. Before the documentary aired (live via broadcast), he shared with the audiencsudden death of his father at 70 which left his mother alone and lonely launched a quest to find answers about love love for older adults. “The Age of Love” takes us on a journey with 30 seniors from 70 to 90 who sign up for speed dating.

We share in the onscreen experiences and the touching moments of fear and happiness. Yes, aging isn’t kind but their is life after loss. We are all in search of companionship, friendship and someone to share experiences with. And as one of the 82 year old speed dating men said as he looked out in the glorious horizon alone… ” what truly makes a sunset enjoyable?”

After the film, Mr. Loring returned for Q & A. The comment by a 25 year old women in the audience summed up this successful event, ” this documentary was real, moving with a message of love for all ages.”






Nothing Can Separate Us

May 7, 2017

“Who shall separate us from the love of The Lord? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution? No, in all these things we are more than conquerors. For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in our Lord.” unnamed


Advent 13

December 9, 2016


UNSAID – poem by Dana Gioia

So much of what we live goes on inside the diaries of grief,

the tongue-tied aches of unacknowledged love are no less real for having passed unsaid.

What we conceal is always more than what we confide.

think of the letters we write our dead.